Enough Already Anna

Kim-Kardashian-Met-GalaPoor Kim K.

I don’t care how she became famous, or if you think she is famous for nothing.

She has endured months of unfair taunting and teasing. How bloggers (and news publications) spout on about the culture of bullying, slut shaming, etc., on one page, and then continue to mock a pregnant woman on the next, is enough to make anyone with any sense, furious. On the one hand they’ll chastise CEO Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie & Fitch for his egregious attitude toward plus-sized clothing, and on the other they’ll compare a pregnant woman to a couch. It’s irresponsible, and it’s well past the point of being par for the celebrity course.

This week for Kim was no different than any other.

After a well-documented snub from last year’s MET Ball, elitist magazine Vogue and its grande dame editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, granted Kim entrance to Monday night’s Costume Institute benefit PUNK: Chaos to Couture. They “allowed” her to come. Even that language, come on. (The last time I was told I was “allowed” to do something, was in 8th grade, when I still had to ask permission to use the bathroom.)

Kim showed up in a powerfully floral Givenchy with sloves (sleeves + gloves) and immediately became the punching bag of the internet.

Now, it’s no secret that the magazine wants nothing to do with Kim, and the only reason she finally gained acceptance (or so it seemed) is because she is carrying the offspring of Kayne (because he is such an upstanding gentleman). They even reportedly dined at the house of Anna the night prior.

But in a complete Mean-Girls-need-for-the-last-laugh move, Vogue.com released their “picks (in no particular order) for the best dressed women (and men) at the 2013 Met Gala, from those who subversively played on the theme with punk pieces to others who embraced the idea from head to toe.” Great, we expect this. Best Dressed Lists are standard.

But then the mag went ahead and did a chop shop job, cropping Kim out of the slideshow photo of Kayne (slide 66 of 77). How hard would it have been to find a photo of Kayne solo? Did they really need to include a photo where he is obviously holding Kim’s Givenchy gloved hand. It reeks of high school pettiness, where the handsome QB (Vogue) invites the geeky girl (Kim) to prom, only to mock and torture her with his friends (the entire internet). Don’t invite the girl to the bash, and then throw her out with the bathwater. This isn’t an unintentional oversight. Nothing in Vogue is unintentional. Don’t include her, fine, but don’t crop her.

All other couples, including Lindsey Vonn and her boyfriend Tiger Woods, remain intact in their slides.

Did Grimes in Chanel really look better than Kim? What about Linda Evangelista in Marchesa, or Mary Kate Olsen in vintage Chanel?

The only person who has felt compelled to come to Kim’s defense is Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci via WWD:

“I said, we should give her our Punk moment with a romantic beautiful flower-printed dress. I have dressed many pregnant women in the past. People can say what they want. To me, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world, and when you celebrate something, you give people flowers,” continued Tisci. “I think she looked amazing. She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career.”

At least someone has the presence of mind to say so, because comparing a pregnant woman to Mrs. Doubtfire, your grandmother’s curtains, a whale… it’s too much. Get over yourself Anna. Get over yourself Vogue, and get over yourself internet.

Because you know what’s punk? It’s not Miley Cyrus in fish-net Marc Jacobs, or an exhibit that looks like Hot Topic invaded the museum. It’s showing up to an event where you know no one wants you, and still managing to hold your head high. — Arianna Schioldager

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