Dress for the Workplace and Keep Your Personal Style

what to wear

who, what on earth can you wear?

Let’s be honest, “business casual” has yet to be removed from the Suitable Attire section of most employee handbooks. As a result, your everyday work wear has become about as drab as that cubicle you’re currently sitting in… or has it? With a little imagination and a lot of class, you’ll never find yourself in a bland business suit again.

1. Stay true to you while considering your company. If your job is on the corporate side of the spectrum, continue to respect your boss’s infatuation with the almighty pantsuit. However, spice it up with a style accent that is truly you. For example:  your signature top-knot adorned with your favorite hair accessory or that nude lip that has become your beauty trademark.

2. Layer basics. Rather than buying an office-appropriate outfit straight off the mannequin, try layering several of the key pieces you already own. You’ll avoid accumulating garments that will never be worn outside the workplace and also save money!

3. Un-categorize your closet. Remove the class system you’ve subconsciously created and mix and match pieces in your wardrobe that you thought would never go together. That vintage tee reserved for lazy weekend lounging? Pair it with a blazer, statement necklace, and black skinny slacks for a polished yet edgy outfit or a funky Casual Friday look. Yes, even in the dot.com world, Casual Friday still exists.

4. Be smart and reign in the sex appeal that might work for you on the weekends. Steer clear of anything too tight, overtly see-through, or conspicuously short. Come now ladies, no respectable woman wears cleavage-baring blouses and mini-skirts to the office.

Following these simple tips will ultimately make dressing for the work week a creative venture  rather than a chore. More importantly, you’ll arrive feeling comfortable and confident, which can only lead to bigger and better things for your professional life.–Laina Miller

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