Downsize Your Purse: 10 Mini-Bags We're Craving

It starts innocently enough. You buy a slightly bigger purse because you’re busting out of your current one, but then you buy an even bigger one and before you know it your shoulder is aching and you can’t even find anything. It’s a fact that no matter how big your purse gets you will continue to fill it up with stuff until you’re lugging around items you wouldn’t even recognize in a lineup. This is my lipstick?

The thing is, it isn’t necessary and switching to a small bag that still has a shoulder strap can really streamline your life. And they aren’t just for evenings out on the town. If you don’t need paperwork or diapers on you, a small bag can be perfectly adequate to hold the essentials like your phone, keys, the plastics, and a compact. Grab one that’s a purely functional piece or make a fashion impact with a bold bag that can stand in as your main accessory.

Your whole look will be more smooth, you can avoid having to dump every last item out to find your ID, plus it’s so much easier to find a place to put your purse at a restaurant if it doesn’t require its own chair. We’ve gathered up some useful and cute purses that are still super petite to get you started. Or if you’ve just been looking for an ombre lizard print bag, we found one of those as well.

Click through to see our top ten picks.

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