Clever Girls Of The Moment: Sari A. & Sari B. From Bib + Tuck

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” Or so says Sari Azout, co-founder of Bib+ Tuck, an online community for women to trade fashion items.

Forget fashionista. Forget trend. Forget what you know about shopping. This is a new call-to-arms for any dyed-in-the-wool style steward, which is exactly what Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, co-founders of Bib + Tuck, are. Some people even call them geniuses. We’re not going to play coy. We’ve got a seriously clever crush on their site.

Members “bib” items they no longer want or need, and “tuck” items they’d like to acquire.  It’s shopping without spending at its finest. You can find anything and everything from an Acne Metallic Skirt to Manolo’s to vintage gems. 

So how did it start? With the simple but astute realization that more than ever, ladies were ready to change the way they shop. In an age where editors and bloggers turn spare bedrooms into walk-in closets, Bib + Tuck feels like a movement that has the potential to transform the way we consume fashion.

We caught up with Sara A., and gleaned some serious insight into this brave new fashionable world. To note: look out for how she feels about closet hoarders.

Where did the inspiration for Bib + Tuck come from?

Sari and I met in preschool, where we bonded over identical petit bateau undershirts. We like to think that from the beginning, our love story was defined by a closeness of closets. 20+ years later, fate found us as college graduates living in the same building in NYC. As the economy took a nosedive, we began sharing clothes as a way to save time, space, and money. With small budgets, and even smaller spaces, access to each others closets multiplied our fashion selections. One day it dawned on us: what if there were a thousand more Sari’s? A whole city’s worth of closets to share? 400 cups of coffee, 200 packs of Post-Its, and 100 sleepless nights later, Bib + Tuck was born.

How often are you bibbing? How often are you tucking?

All the time! We go on bibbing sprees at least once a week. It’s crazy, yes. But also mildly addicting. Make yourself a killer playlist, hijack a friend, open a bottle of wine – closet cleaning has never been so fun.

You will likely find me flaunting one of my tucks in every outfit.

Something you’ll never be able to bib?

Never say never! I try to not attach myself to things. I like the idea of things being passed on. Right now though, I can’t imagine parting with anything I got from The Reformation. 

What’s your idea of the perfect closet?

One full of tucked gems, of course. People don’t know that the average second-hand purchase saves as much energy as 40 hours on a treadmill, so a closet full of pieces that have been passed on from generations spells perfection to me. No, but seriously, I have no respect for closet hoarders. It is not OK to wear only 10% of what’s in your closet. And it’s not OK to only buy new. 

How do you deal with letting something loved go?

We have a tendency to think we will wear something in the future, but you have to frankly ask yourself: “Will I ever wear this?” It’s not painful at all when you know it’s going to a good home, and when you’re trading it in for something you actually WILL use. It is actually quite rewarding, give it a try. Hooray for fiscally responsible shopping!

Favorite item you’ve tucked to date?

Vintage Christian Dior turban. Hands DOWN! 

How would you describe your style?

Sari B. describes me as an eclectic mix of Patti Smith and Alexa Chung. I might as well have been born on a strawberry field in the 1970’s. For me, it always feels like 1977, wide leg pants are always in and anything with flowers is a go.  My style is boyish yet feminine, and if I could offer just one piece of advice it would be to always build around accessories.  

What are you coveting?

Denim overalls. Oh, and anything by Peter Pilotto

 Anything new in the works?

Uff! Where to begin. A re-purposed collection, a Charity campaign, an iPhone app, and a ton of exciting new features. We’re always taking new ideas, email us at

Style inspiration?

Olsens Anonymous. Alright, I said it.

We’re not judging, we’re Bibbing + Tucking + Loving.–Arianna Schioldager

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