Come Back to Earth: The Return of the Flat

camille over the rainbow, with foot firmly planted on earth.

camille over the rainbow, with foot firmly planted on earth.

The flat shoe, whether it be in sling-back, Alexander Wang bootie, or loafer–the way fashion blogger Camille Over The Rainbow has (see: right) styled her geometric pants– is back.

There are many benefits to the high heel, namely, they make us taller and give our legs the Klum illusion. They dress up outfits, make any pair of pants look fancier, and men love them (or so some say), but somewhere in between the fourth and the fifth inch, the high heel got a little carried away with itself. Platforms on a six-inch shoe? It’s only reasonable because you’ve been conditioned to think so. We’re looking at you Armadillo heels.

It’s been a steady climb, but when you can’t walk down the sidewalk without an arm or doing the newborn giraffe, it’s time to reconsider how you’re stacking your priorities.

If you need a little inspiration, look to trend-setter, model, muse and designer, Inès de la Fressange. The French beauty prefers flat shoes, wears her hair short, and is sometimes credited as the first to pair her Chanel jacket with her jeans. But of course. The woman walked the Chanel runway in the 80’s.

Olivia Palermo recently expressed her loathe for the lifted sneaker, and it is about time we say good-riddance. Fashion has been making it’s way back to earth for a minute now. Your arches (or your bunions) will thank you later.

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