Boots, Booties, and Booty for Fall

Summer may be over but the fall fashion brings leather pants, jeans, and leggings that can be even more unforgiving than the basic bikini. That means your booty has to still be banging when baby it’s getting cold outside. The right footwear can add a little oomph to your derriere and we’ve found some sexy boots and booties to add some sex appeal. For your booty, we’ve called on celebrity trainer and creator of the Rockin Models workout to give us some booty beautifying exercises. With our guide, you’ll be fashionable and fit for fall.


Rachel Zoe Nico Boot

Stylist turned fashion designer Rachel Zoe’s Nico boot is maje and bananas. The 3-inch wedge heel over the knee suede boot make legs look lean. Because it’s over the knee, it will draw everyone’s eyes to your lower body and the long boot shaft ends close to the booty. Designing boots like this, we can see why she’s pregnant again.



Whim Lace and Studs High-Heel Bootie by BCBG

There’s really no sexier fabric than lace. No, don’t argue, because there isn’t. BCBG has taken the sexy textile and transformed it into hotness for your heels. Their Whim Lace and Studs High-Heel Bootie lets your play peek-a-boo with your feet. The studs that line the sheer lace front are playful and enticing and the high metallic heel will have all eyes on you.

BCBG Bootie



Now that you have hot heels, here are some Booty Busters from Grace Lazenby’s popular Los Angeles class (and DVD!), Rockin Models, to keep your lower body looking booty-ful.


*You will need a chair


Place your heels together and toes slightly apart, and roll up onto the balls of your feet. Wrap your hips in and contract your gluteals. Bend your knees slowly, then lift and repeat. Avoid distributing the weight onto your knees and keep the core tight. You can use a body bar or chair for stability. Repeat 4 sets of 8.


A plié with dash of “booty intensity.”

Place your feet in 1st position and lower and lift for 4 sets of 8. Hold your pilé halfway down and begin moving the hips side to side. Proceed by moving your body up and down the pole, while sticking your hips back and keeping your weight into your gluteals. Move up and down the pole, while keeping the weight in the gluteals quads and inner thighs. Repeat 4 sets of 8. You will be walking with ATTITUDDDE


Want a booty that is lifted for those hot high boots? This is a great move to lift and detail the gluteals with out building them.

Lay on your side and place both legs bent in a 90 degree angle. Lift your top leg to table top position. Angle the knee down toads the bottom knee and then pump through the gluteals and lift towards the ceiling 2-3 inches above the bottom leg.

For added intensity move the leg forward 2-3 inches in front of the bottom leg. Repeat 4 sets of 8 to feel the burn!

Grace’s The Rockin Models Workout DVD can be purchased here.

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