Bits and Baubles: Haute Vault Jewelry Rental

ring it on.

ring it on.

If you fall into the margin of women who need really fancy jewelry to wear to events but are not quite famous enough to be loaned any, you might be interested in Haute Vault’s new business plan. The company functions similarly to existing clothing and purse rental companies, but instead focuses solely on jewels and watches offered at ridiculously cheap rental prices to it’s members only community.

Who knew Chopard, Harry Winston, and Bulgari could fit so nicely into your wedding budget! Or your average Friday night budget, we’re not judging. Maybe you want a faux engagement ring for a high school reunion. Diamonds for everyone! Your man isn’t left out of the fun either; he can don a swanky Swiss timepiece and really get a taste for the good life.

The concept is great if you’re a bit noncommittal or gun shy on major purchases. If you need to change out your necklaces as fast as your panties renting could certainly provide you with rotating options.

But how affordable is it? There are four tiers of rental membership fees, which offer you access to different prices of jewelry. The lowest tier is “sterling” which is only $15 per month and allows you to rent items that cost up to $5,000. The top tier of “diamond” memberships costs $250 per month but you can check out $100,000 worth of goodies at a time. If you fall in love with something, your rental equity will be applied to the purchase cost.

The rental prices for pieces start at $20 and go way up. If you want to accessorize with that stacked diamond cocktail ring that sells for $10,710, it’s going to cost you $440 in rental fees. The cost gives you a week of rental time so you’re free to ice up the grocery shopping if you please, although losing the rental probably doesn’t end well for your credit card, so be fabulous with due diligence, and we don’t suggest getting drunk.


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