Infinity Scarves, Infinity Ways

get wrapped up.

get wrapped up.

Come fall season, when the autumn chill seems to sweep right through your layers, wear an infinity scarf to stay extra cozy. The scarf’s natural loop blocks the cold from creeping in. Pack a few options in different textures and colors for unexpected changes in the weather.

Snuggle in the softest of silk jersey scarves from Marine Layer, a San Francisco-based company that blends cotton and recycled beach wood to manufacture super comfy fabrics. Their infinity scarves come in a rainbow of colors, from coral to aqua blue and banana yellow. The bright, summery hues add vivid pops to otherwise dull black and gray fall outfits. Pair neutral tones such as light blue and charcoal to complement tops with a bold print or pattern.

Or go bold with a faux fur or color-blocked “snood” from ASOS to add volume to your fall look, especially when thrown on top of an over-sized coat. Wear a miniskirt or long black skinny jeans to balance the proportion of the big coat. The contrast will also bring attention to leaner legs.

Another upside to an infinity scarf: wearing it as a hood. If you catch yourself under rainy drizzle, lift the back of the scarf and pull it over your head to create an impromptu hood. The broad width of the scarf will keep your hair dry – at least dry enough until the next destination.

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