Weekend Rewind: The C-Word, Censorship & Neo-Nicki

WEEKEND REWIND is LadyClever’s round-up of important events and stories that made headlines over the weekend. Catch up on what you might have missed while you were sleeping in. Because a clever lady always stays informed, even when she’s relaxing. 

NickiMinaj02TOX160811Pussy Galore:  We appreciate our friends at Feminist Frequency for helping us to contemplate (without rejecting) problematic pop culture and gender issues.  But even keen-eyed Anita Sarkeesian and her team haven’t mentioned how the mere verbiage for ladies’ private parts is still pussy-footed around (yeah, I made that joke) while words like prick and dick have been permitted on network TV starting as far back as Dawson’s Creek more than a decade ago. Sick of being censored, comedian Amy Schumer‘s staff  set out to change that. “The word ‘pussy’ will no longer be bleeped on Comedy Central, thanks to the heroic efforts of comedian Amy Schumer,” Jezebel applauded. Well, maybe “heroic” is a bit of stretch. It’s more like “calling out the double standard at a network that freely throws words like ‘dick’ around yet still treats slang for a lady’s private parts as obscenity.” So much yes.

Harley Chick: Both DiCaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie  and super model Cara Delevingne have been mentioned amid casting rumors for DC Comics’ upcoming movie Suicide Squad. But according to Perez Hilton, it’s Margot who played her cards right and will be starring as Joker’s ace-in-the-hole, Harley Quinn. The blog seems to say that she’s got the chops to play the boss’ main squeeze, but there’s a lot riding on her portrayal of the looney lady because devoted, and very vocal, fans are infamously not forgiving when characters aren’t brought to life with the utmost attention to detail.  “Harley, one of the only Batman characters to jump from the 90s cartoon to the comics, will be a tricky part for any actress to play,” the blog noted. “Because the role originated onscreen, fans will expect her iconic voice to go along with her signature two-tone look.” Good luck, puddin’.

Tricky Minaj: Saturday Jezebel reported that the internet lost its collective sh*t over Nicki Minaj‘s new lyric video for her track “Only,” which seems to be an emphatic, if not blatant, nod to Nazi culture: “Yep, from the color scheme itself, to the large red tapestries bearing a simplistic Young Money symbol to the red arm bands worn by the soldiers in Minaj’s army, the lyric video is obviously visually inspired by Nazi imagery, which is both insulting and honestly a tiring source of inspiration.” Provocative images are Minaj’s signature style, but there is an enormous difference between instigating ire by taking ownership of your body versus exploiting the painful legacy of a marginalized group. And when will every artist across the board (please) stop collaborating with Chris Brown?

Think Tig: Apparently, a thick-headed TSA agent refused to believe that comedian Tig Notaro, who underwent a double mastectomy after her breast cancer diagnosis two years ago, was a woman because she didn’t have breasts, as a bit Notaro delivered on stage last week revealed. She then started to take off her jacket to cool down during the show and an audience member cheered. According to Huff Post Women she joked, “Did you not hear the story I was just telling? I’m about one more ‘woo’ away from going topless.” The audience obliged and so did Notaro, who not only stripped but brilliantly finished her set bare-chested.  Unfortunately, Time reported yesterday that she’s since been hospitalized and cancelled an appearance in Denver Sunday night, issuing a message saying she “will be all right.” Our thoughts are with you, Tig. Get well soon. 

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