Sperm Invaders Game Raises Money for Planned Parenthood

THERE’S BEEN MORE TALK than normal about Planned Parenthood since Paul Ryan confirmed that the GOP wants to defund the organization. Most people agree that cutting back on the awesome services they provide for people when it comes to their reproductive health is an absolutely terrible idea. Despite evidence that liberal voters won’t take defunding lightly, Republican leadership seems intent on making that scenario a reality. There are however, some ways to resist outside of voting — one of which is by playing a game called Sperm Invaders.

Sperm Invaders is a parody of Space Invaders, where, instead of aliens attempting destroy defense bunkers on Planet Earth, penises are attempting to destroy the player’s eggs. The only way to defend the eggs is by going after the penises with an IUD spaceship.

The game looks like lots of fun but, more importantly, it leads to an opportunity to support Planned Parenthood in one of two ways. The first is simply to donate straight-up, but the other option is to purchase Sperm Invaders merchandise, with all the proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood. So basically you get a cool Sperm Invaders shirt and a donation to an important organization for the price of one. It’s almost too easy.

The creator of the game is going by the pseudonym Fania Mindell. Fania shared the idea behind the concept.

“In this web obsessed world, we need to find more ways to engage potential donors for fundraising. The new fight begins with a click.”

Click here to begin battling dicks — both figurative and literal.

[h/t Refinery 29]