So Pasted: Body Shaming at the Emmys & the Senate



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Build of Rights: This week, New York state Senator Kirsten Gillibrand shared the unwelcome constructive criticism her colleagues have shared about her body, from the eye-rollingly sophomoric to pretty heinous harassment by most Human Resources standards. “To win [the special election], you need to be beautiful again,” a labor leader leader told her, which somehow comes off less offensive in comparison to those who not only examined and shared their opinions, but also squeezed her waist while commenting, according to reports, and made other intrusive physical contact. Feminsting reminds us that these folks are “elected officials given the privilege of representing the people in our great nation’s governing legislative body,” sharing more of the male  politicians’ freaky misogynistic faux pas.

Reg-Retta-ble Behavior: Meanwhile, some twerp made the grave mistake of trying to take “Parks and Rec” star Retta to task on Twitter after she called out his rude status-hungry behavior during the Emmys, asking her to follow him on his social media accounts and pestering the actress for a pic. He replied by literally calling her hungry and making childish fat jokes. The class-act culprit, who felt the need to note that he is “anything but basic,” kept on trading I-am-rubber-and-you’re-glue taunts with raging Retta, and even stooped to calling her “smelly.” Yes, really. All while still trying to convince the social media public that he was outraged to be called a seat-filler because he’s some kind of vague, big deal guy. “I’m talent too,” he whined in a tweet. Like Tywin Lannister said “Any man who must say, ‘I am the king’  is no true king.” Go to Jezebel to read the full range of tweets between the modern Jeoffrey and killer queen Retta.

Platform Skews:  Is Sophia Vergara banned from joining the club of witty women just because she’s a sex symbol? After the Emmys, the Modern Family star was asked if she found her luscious Latina on a platform gag to be “sexist and demeaning.” The question itself is a bit tone-deaf, as it suggests that, though she’s widely regarded as a funny lady, she wasn’t clever enough to realize the implied joke when it was pitched to her and she agreed to it, in advance of the show.  Vergara defiantly replied, “I think it’s absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself.”  Refinery 29 considered, ” In her eyes, it wasn’t objectification, because she was not only in on the joke, but seemingly in charge of it.” Would we even contemplate this same concept of naivete if  Greek/German bombshell and intellectual Tina Fey had executed the same joke?

Jolie de Vevre: Brad put a ring on it! Professional pretty people, entertainers, and humanitarians Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to have tied the knot this past weekend in France. The paparazzi haven’t snuck any images from the notoriously private couple’s nuptials yet, even as details emerge about the kids walking Angelina down the aisle, and more. However, Bustle has a theory that unlike some cash-grubbing couples –we’re looking at you Kim K. and various husbands — big-hearted Brangelina may show off their celebration to hear the cha-ching of donations to their favorite charity. “When Pitt and Jolie welcomed Shiloh in 2005, they sold the rights for her baby pictures to Getty Images in exchange for a charity donation,” the blog reminded us, and they also struck a similar deals when their family grew again in later years. 

Happy Labor Day Clever lovers.

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