Screen Queens: Feminism in Pop Culture This Week 6/29

Screen Queens is LadyClever’s new roundup featuring feminist entertainment headlines from stage and screen each week: innovative portrayals and story arcs, sketches and comedy, appearances, awards, and more.

Taylor Swift holding apple in hands

Taylor’s got Apple right where she wants it.

Donald Dump:  Last week, Univision made a the commendable decision to ditch its telecast of the Miss USA pageant in the wake of another one of Donald Trump’s usual displays of charm. In addition to his often offensive overall history, he announced his candidacy in the 2016 GOP presidential primary race by bashing Mexican immigrants, even calling some “rapists.” Today, NBC just announced that it has also cut ties with Trump and will pull “The Apprentice” and the pageant as well, according to the Huffington Post. Two birds, one stone.

Really Real: On Wednesday, Amy Poehler blasted Sports Illustrated contributor Andy Benoit after some misogynist tweets by  joining SNL pal and former Weekend Update co-anchor Seth Meyers for a surprise edition of their fan favorite segment “Really!?!” on his late-show. “I guess I’m not surprised that you work for Sports Illustrated,” responded Poehler. “You guys put out a Swimsuit Issue every year dedicated entirely to women who aren’t in sports. Unless you think it’s a sport to cover both boobs with one arm.” YASSS.

Justice Is Swift:  Taylor Swift made headlines last week when, in a Goliath vs. Goliath battle, the giant superstar stood her ground against tech giant Apple when it comes to the issue of paying artists featured on their streaming music services. “Swift has been lauded by many, including both musical contemporaries and industry elders, for her bold stance against a powerful giant like Apple,” Vanity Fair applauded. “And it was a stance that worked, and has resulted in her music getting featured on Apple Music anyway. Everybody wins!” Tay and her beau Calvin Harris also, somehow, managed to oust Bey and Jay-Z as Forbes‘ highest-paid couple. Which is just…. wow.

A Man’s World: Shattering records by raking in $208.8 million at the North American box office its opening weekend, Jurassic World took its place in Hollywood’s record books as the biggest movie opening to date. However, it’s not doing any favors for breaking down female stereotypes in film. “The fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise features hunky Chris Pratt, lots of people getting devoured by dinosaurs, and some backward sexual politics,” The Daily Beast wroteThe Mary Sue has to spell out for one reviewer exactly how it doesn’t seem to clearly pass the simple, three-step Bechdel Test — which, in and of itself, should be a clear indication that things are awry.  Have you headed to the theater for Jurassic World yet, and if so, what did you think of the representation of its female characters? Casandra Armour

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