International Women’s Day: Time to March for Women

The following is another post in L.A. DY Clever, our guide to events and news going on in Los Angeles that are of interest to women. Because a clever lady should know what’s going on in her own backyard.

iwd15_vivalamujer_for4x4_ocWITH INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY just two days away, there are many local organizations and collectives throughout Los Angeles that have been preparing for the International Women’s Day Rally on March 8th, to be held in front of City Hall. Two main organizations, AF3IRM and Ovarian Psycos, have joined forces to lead the Downtown rally. Let’s meet both of them.

Ovarian Psyco-Cycles Brigade is a feminist collective based out of Boyle Heights in East L.A, made up of a group of phenomenal women practice holistic healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually through cycling. These women have created a welcoming community space: La Concha, in which they run and maintain community workshops, screenings and luna rides. They’ve also opened their doors to other organizations such as the feminist Xicana group, Confuerza Collective. La Concha has held fundraisers, record hops and other community-based events to fund and maintain their space.

The Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (AF3IRM), is a transnational feminist anti-imperialist organization committed to militant movement through grassroots organization, education advocacy and direct action, with chapters throughout the U.S. The L.A. chapter is known for hosting various anti-war and pro immigrant rallies, and has worked with high school students to fight against domestic violence and rape.

These two organizations have not only reached out to address women’s issues. Sunday’s rally, which has a high expected turn-out, is centered around women-identified feminists of color hoping to end what AF3IRM calls “genocide against women.” Not only will this rally focus on ending worldwide violence against women, the march will also focus on other political issues like police brutality, trans women’s rights, immigrant rights, and reproductive rights — all issues pertinent to Los Angeles’ history with immigrants and minorities. The two groups have come together with over forty local organizations to celebrate women’s efforts and plight, but most importantly, to bring awareness and to provide change to the negatives that still impact the every-day lives of women.

The rally will also feature performances by artists like Maya Jupiter –a Mexican-born, Chicana hip-hop artist and co-founder of Artivist Entertainment, a company committed to inspiring social change through art and music –and Cihuatl-Ce — an artist, performer and youth advocate. More artists will perform as well, and are to be announced!

For more information on the march this coming Sunday, check out the event page for details and a list of the various organizations that are sponsoring and pledging their support to the march. Or, you can follow the organizations and their efforts via Twitter — @AF3IRM and @ovarianpsycos — and Instagram — @AF3IRM and @ovarian_psycos. Search and tag hashtags #IWDLA2015 and  #WhyWeMarch8 to get it on the national coverage!

See you out there in the streets!

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