iFap: There’s a Sex Case for Tablets


WELL, it seems like porn just got a little more interactive. Hands-off, though, in this case.

Fleshlight, the company that produces that “handy” little tool for guys to get off without a partner, has just released an iPad case that men can actually have sex with. As in the case has a doughnut-like attachment where a man can insert his penis in, complete with handles for grip/steering/pretending like masturbation is a video game. Takes “joystick” to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering why it took so long for someone to come up with this enterprising idea, well, it’s because Fleshlight has been secretly working on the model for 2 ½ years. Probably with some “get it right, get it tight” motivational posters around the design room. 2 ½ years is a long time, after all.

The case is naturally named the LaunchPAD for a real emphasis on the power of taking things into your own hands, and clocks in at a mere $24.95. Stocking stuffers for the men in your lives next holiday season?

If you’re wondering why this is necessary over your garden-variety vagina mold, it’s clearly because men feel too disconnected during porn, what with their TV or laptop a couple feet away. This takes out that unnecessary empty space and let’s them get all next-level “Her” having-sex-with-your-computer stuff, and stuff. Is there a RAM joke in here somewhere?

Most of the commentary on the topic is geared towards elevating the porn-watching experience, but surely some long-distance romantics are bound to test it out with their Skype sessions. Horrible thought: What if someone Skyped you and was using this without your consent? Sorry.

Here are some rousing quotes from their website:

“The LaunchPAD takes watching POV videos to a whole new level! It feels like I’m really having sex with my favorite porn stars.” -JT

“The grips on the LaunchPAD make it easy to thrust into the Fleshlight rather than stroking. It takes masturbating to a whole new level.” -ALL4GIRLS

“I love warming up my Fleshlight, finding some awesome porn, and going to town with the LaunchPAD”-CAPTAINBEEFSTIK

Thank you for sharing, CAPTAINBEEFSTIK.

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