New L.A. Noise Law May Make You Scream

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L.A, L.A, L.A. Can’t hear you. We’re having too much fun making noise. Or well, we were. 

Because residents of Los Angeles better start saving up some rainy day cash. (Which should be easy since it never rains, FU DROUGHT.) A new noise violation law is going into effect for better controlling those “quality of life” crimes such as having loud parties, loud sex, and/or barking dogs. All three at once? You animal.

Both the City Council’s Public Safety and the Animal Services Committees have approved the program, which has been called the Administration Citation Enforcement, or ACE. (No relation to the hotel, which is actually fun.) The name has sort of a catchy flow to it in a Sesame Street skit type way, but that’s the only good part about it. The program will allow the cops to issue tickets for noise violations instead of giving out warnings, and the ticket amount grows with each infraction. Your first “warning” will be $250, the second $500, and your third will be $1,000. Your party fines could end up costing more than your rent!

If you don’t make any noise or have an unnaturally good relationship with all your neighbors, than you’re probably fine. When is the last time the cops have had to come to your place anyway? But if you use a leaf blower, have a dog that just won’t quit, or want to have a get-together over the weekend, you could be facing some potential charges. If it’s your neighbors making all the noise, this could be your lucky day. (As long as the ticket guilt doesn’t weigh on you.)

So why on earth must we switch from receiving warnings to getting hit with massive tickets? Oh, well the program is expected to rake in a cool $2 million. Better start baking some (special) cookies for the people next door or collect some dirt to bribe them with, whatever is easier.

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