ICYMI: The Planned Parenthood Hearing Was a Farce

THIS PAST TUESDAY, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee heard testimony from President of Planned Parenthood, Cecil Richards. This hearing was part of the…

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Bumble: New Dating App That Cuts Down on Catcalling

IT’S OKAY, I’LL BE THE ONE TO SAY IT. Dating is hard. It’s even worse if you’re a college graduate, because the gender divide makes…

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Spitfire Athlete Creators on Brawn-Over-Beauty App

BRAINS AND BRAWN ARE USUALLY CONSIDERED TO BE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE — especially for women. Spitfire Athlete, an app that provides strength-training programs for women that…

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Your Office Crush Might Not Ruin Your Relationship

NEW RESEARCH IS SHOWING that crushing on someone else outside of your relationship might not spell trouble after all. And not only that, but that…

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On Positively Nurturing Young Women’s Feminism

WE LIGHT UP WHEN WE HEAR IT: another young star comes out as a feminist.There are cheers and pats on the back to go around, and…

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Email My <3: Email Is More Romantic than Phone Calls

OPINIONS ARE LIKE a certain body part that shall remain unnamed — everybody’s got one. (And everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.) This is particularly true…

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