cat with telephone

These Girls Figured out a New Way to Fight Catcalling

“HEY SEXY.” The unsolicited greeting — half jeer, half mumble — cuts through the morning air and sends a rivulet of revulsion slithering down your…

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dropping the handkerchief

Can Dropping the Handkerchief Change How We Date?

ELITE DAILY recently published an article about a phenomenon called “dropping the handkerchief” entitled “The Real Reason Girls Like You and J Law Aren’t Getting…

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Female Academics Work Alone If You Want Tenure

Female Academics: Work Alone If You Want Tenure

A NEW STUDY from Harvard economist Heather Sarsons advises female academics to work alone if they are seeking tenure. Data from “Gender Differences in Recognition for…

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white woman feminism amy schumer jennifer lawrence

White Woman Feminism: On Amy Schumer and J. Law

IF YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF “WHITE WOMAN FEMINISM,” there’s a little encounter that happened recently (which you might have heard about) that facilitates a conversation…

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Addresses Burmese Media

Why Did HRC & Planned Parenthood Endorse Clinton?

THIS MONTH SAW TWO BIG ENDORSEMENTS FOR THE CLINTON campaign, and two big disappointments for the Sanders campaign. Planned Parenthood is endorsing a candidate in…

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women voters

Women Voters Are the Key to Protecting Our Rights

THE WAR ON WOMEN IS FAR FROM OVER. Not surprisingly, 2015 was worse than 2014 for women’s rights to healthcare. That’s according to the Population…

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hillary clinton bernie sanders

I’m Voting Bernie, but I Support You Voting for Hillary

MONDAY’S 2016 IOWA DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ended in its closest result since the 1970s: Hillary Clinton, 49.9%; Bernie Sanders, 49.6%. Both camps declared it a win,…

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“Virginity Testing” Still Practiced Around the World

IN JANUARY, news broke that South African mayor Dudu Mazibuko has implemented the “Maiden’s Bursary Award,” an educational scholarship given to girls who pass a…

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