serena williams

The Feminism of: Serena Williams, Tennis Superstar

Athlete, fashionista, businesswoman, and role model, Serena Williams is a feminist icon. She embodies authentic, innate feminism with confidence, physical and mental strength, and indomitable spirit.

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52003609 - finger art of couple with meter. the concept man is thin, woman is fat.

People More Prejudiced Against Mixed-Weight Couples

We all know people who have a lot of opinions when it comes to other people’s relationships, although why they feel the need to voice them — or think that the couples in question even care, really — is hard to say.

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42314925 - group of businesswomen meeting around boardroom table

An Easy Way to Back Up Co-Workers in the Boardroom

In an age riddled with mansplaining and manterruptions, women in the White House have discovered an easy way to back each other up in the boardroom.

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18709037 - mother lifting toddler child in air over scenic sunset sky

How Parenting “Wisdom” Demonizes Poor Parents

I don’t know when we reached the point when people became obsessed with parenting, the who’s-doing-what-and-how of it all, but we, as a society, probably need to pump our brakes.

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50813207 - new york - january 7, 2016: street harassment themed mural in brooklyn

On Bringing the Hollaback! Project to The Bahamas

An eight-year-old in a white shirt with a Peter Pan collar and a green plaid jumper, I didn’t know what to do the first time I saw a man my parents’ age ogling me.

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47816524 - woman reading letter after receiving neck injury

What to Look for When Buying Insurance as a Woman

Like a lot of U.S. millennials, I’ve finally reached the age at which I’m responsible for purchasing my own insurance plan.

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Cars for Women + 7 Other Needlessly Gendered Things

Long known for being not quite pro-women, Cosmopolitan doubled down on their love of gender norms when they unveiled a car for women at the Cosmpolitan FashFest in London.

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Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Lulu Garcia-Navarro: NPR’s New Weekend Edition Host

Your Sunday morning are changing — but for the better. No, brunching with your squad isn’t magically becoming free, but NPR listeners have something great to look forward to.

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48007791 - young people looking down at cellular phone - teenagers leaning on a wall and texting with their smartphones - concepts about technology and global communication

So Our Smartphones Are Making Our Grips Weaker

All the time we spend holding onto our smartphones is having some serious effects on our bodies. Not only are we bending our necks forward at unnatural angles to peer down at the screens, but apparently we’re also weakening our grips.

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51356875 - beautiful mixed race woman sitting in a coffee shop sipping her latte and daydreaming while gazing out of the window

Sound Off: Can’t We Just Let People Enjoy Things?

From Pokémon Go to pumpkin spice lattes, everyone seems really damn anxious to point out when and why they’re too good or grown up to take part in a fad. And to that, I say let people enjoy the things that make them happy, because life is too short and the world is too sh**ty to get caught up in petty bull like this.

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