Facebook Knows Your Loved Ones Better Than You Do

THINK YOU COULD beat a computer at assessing the personalities of your nearest and dearest? Don’t be so sure, because you probably couldn’t. In fact,…

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Why Boko Haram Is Really Just a Fairy Tale to the West

ONCE UPON A TIME, in a land far, far away, 276 girls turned into pumpkins, fell down a rabbit hole, were transformed into sparrows by…

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elena bondar

Two Wings Founder Provides Hope + Courage to Women

ELENA BONDAR knows better than anyone that her story is atypical. Her passion for people and backgrounds in social work, fundraising, and development led her…

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Sustainable Cycles: A New Approach to Menstruation

WHAT DO YOU GET when you cross environmentally-friendly transport with environmentally-friend menstrual care? Sustainable Cycles — a collective of “spokeswomen” (nice pun) who undertake cross-country…

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Je Suis Me: On Charlie Hebdo, Expression, and Empathy

IT WAS AFTERNOON when I found myself stranded on Kearney Street last Wednesday, in front of the San Francisco French Consulate. Although the 35 Muni…

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114th Congress Fires Shots at Right to Have Abortion

JUST BECAUSE you’re still in recovery mode from the holiday festivities doesn’t mean that Congress is deciding to slowly ease back into the swing of…

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Period Repair Manual: New Solutions for Old Problems

LARA BRIDEN is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing in Sydney. If you’ve never heard of naturopathic medicine, it’s an approach to healthcare that “uses holistic and nontoxic…

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Ask Him: Why Can’t My Boyfriend Get It Up?

Q: I’ve been dating this guy for quite a while now, and everything is great. We get each other like you wouldn’t believe, our friends…

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