phone causing anxiety

This Just In: Your Phone Might Be Causing You Anxiety

BEING constantly “plugged in” can be great. You’re always on top of the latest meme or trending hashtag, and connecting with another human is only…

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Oscars: Four Feminist Victories and One Feminist Fail

AHH, THE OSCARS. The pomp. The prestige. The popcorn that falls down your shirt, which you don’t bother scooping out because you’re too busy being…

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Can We Stop: With the Sexist and Sexualized Food Ads

HEY, CARL’S JR. You’re bold. Bold as hell, in fact. It’s 2015. Feminism has never been more prominent in the cultural zeitgeist than it is…

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Beyonce Knowles

Beyoncé’s Leaked Photos Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

THIS WEEK in retouching news, untouched photos of Queen Bey herself were leaked from a L’Oreal makeup campaign she posed for a few years back…

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To the Male Supporters of the Men’s Rights Movement

IF YOU’RE A MAN, and especially a man living in the United States or Canada, and you feel like the world is ganging up on…

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2-17-2015 4-17-58 PM

Sara Saedi on Sustaining a Successful Writing Career

THERE’S A LOT TO TALK ABOUT when picking Sara Saedi’s brain on being a successful female writer. Saedi started her career as a young television…

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image of Erin Condren

Erin Condren on Creativity and Helping Young Girls

ERIN CONDREN is one of those people who prove that you don’t need to fork up tons of dough for a pricey business school degree…

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Rage Writing: When Writers Sell Anger at a High Price

“BITCH, Make Me 300 Sandwiches, Orders Beautiful Woman’s Boyfriend.” This is the title of the Gawker article that introduced me to Stephanie Smith’s blog,…

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