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ASK HIM: Does My BF Have a Video Game Problem?

Q: “My boyfriend loves video games. A lot. I don’t really understand how he can spend so much time glued to his controller. He spends…

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Fairly Functional: On Sexist Sizing and Pocket Politics

SEXISM: now pocket-sized! Except if you’re a woman, in which case, your pockets probably aren’t big enough, so you’ll have to stuff it in your…

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Gone Girl’s Amy: Feminist Champion or Cruel Killer?

LET’S BE REAL. If you haven’t seen Gone Girl by now, are you ever going to? Not rhetorical; serious question — I’m wondering how much…

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Male DNA: The Gift That Might Just Keep on Giving

WE ALL HAVE a lover or two in our past who we’re thrilled isn’t in our present, whether it’s someone we still think about occasionally…

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Study Shows the Bigger the Rock, the Harder You Fall

ACHING for a giant rock of an engagement ring? Maybe you should think again. A recent study carried out in the U.S. has found a…

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Weekend Rewind: Ray Rice & Williams Sisters’ WTA Win

WEEKEND REWIND is LadyClever’s round-up of important events and stories happening around the country over the weekend. Catch up on what you might have missed…

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Radio Silence: No Message Back IS a Message, Ya’ll

MESSAGE SENT, no response received. We’ve all been here, on Tinder, on our phones, with email, OKCupid, Tumblr, etc. etc. When it involves romance or…

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10-22-2014 12-03-30 PM

Thy Holy Ladies: Because Female Artists Are Important

The following is another post in L.A. DY Clever, our guide to events and news going on in Los Angeles that are of interest to…

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