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Wheying Scales: Greek Yogurt’s Environmental Impact

GREEK YOGURT is inarguably one of the crowning glories of the yogurt industry these days. For those of you who haven’t yet tried this food of the…

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Facebook’s “Feeling Fat” Option: Really The Problem?

YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN have been aware of the fact that Facebook offered a “fat” option to digitally describe your current mood, but they did, and now that…

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Historical Female Privilege? On Obligation and Value

MUCH FONT has been spilled over the men’s rights movement (MRM), by both its proponents and its detractors. Various talking points can be found on any…

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Tinder: The Newest Service to Put a Price on Love

AS IF using Tinder doesn’t already leave you feeling strange and uncomfortable with your ability to so easily judge a book by its cover, swiping…

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Local LA: Three Feminist Events To Attend in March

The following is another post in L.A. DY Clever, our guide to events and news going on in Los Angeles that are of interest to…

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Greek Life and Racism: As Close as Any Brothers Can Be

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not really the “Greek life” type. Sure, I like a nice themed party where I can drink my weight in jungle juice…

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Ingredient1 CEO on Food Choices and Career Changes

ONE DAY, former investigative journalist Taryn Fixel, who has covered politics, crime and war zones for CNN and CBS, wanted some specific information on food,…

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Stage Right: Bonnie McFarlane on Women in Comedy

Late Night With David Letterman, Comedy Central, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. While she is well-known for these and other appearances, it was her 2014…

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image of male baby and female baby side by side

On the Theory That Gender Difference is Innate, Part 2

In Part 1 of On the Theory That Gender Difference Is Innate, we examined common arguments and studies relied on by proponents of the theory…

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On the Theory That Gender Difference Is Innate, Part 1

Part 2 will go live tomorrow — March 24th, 2015 — morning.  IT’S COMMON for people to attribute their interests and capacities to their gender, and…

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