rowan blanchard

On Positively Nurturing Young Women’s Feminism

WE LIGHT UP WHEN WE HEAR IT: another young star comes out as a feminist.There are cheers and pats on the back to go around, and…

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Love keyboard 2

Email My <3: Email Is More Romantic than Phone Calls

OPINIONS ARE LIKE a certain body part that shall remain unnamed — everybody’s got one. (And everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.) This is particularly true…

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othering concept - one black rubber duck among many yellow rubber ducks

Othering: The Real Problem We Have in This Country

“WE HAVE A PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY. It’s called Muslims.” These were the words a Donald Trump supporter uttered at a New Hampshire rally late…

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unlikely heroes logo 3

Erica Greve: Fighting to Aid Victims of Sex Trafficking

SEX TRAFFICKING IS NO JOKE. We may not always be aware of it, but it occurs a lot closer to home than we think. Erica…

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child returning into Kobane. 3.4.2015, Kobane, Syria

On Women and Children of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

IF YOU’RE FROM THE U.S. and don’t keep up with the latest news from around the world, news of the sudden influx of Syrian refugees…

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View of woman walking alone at night

This App Lets You Virtually Walk Your Friends Home

NO ONE LIKES TO THINK that the potential for danger is always nearby. It would be naive of women cruising around at night to think…

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girl wearing wtf expression

WTFriday: Most Ridiculous Stories of the Week [10/2]

Welcome to WTFriday, our round-up of the week’s news that will have you questioning how humankind rose to the top of the food chain. Enjoy/weep.…

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ICYMI: The Planned Parenthood Hearing Was a Farce

THIS PAST TUESDAY, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee heard testimony from President of Planned Parenthood, Cecil Richards. This hearing was part of the…

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blonde woman texting on cell phone 2

Bumble: New Dating App That Cuts Down on Catcalling

IT’S OKAY, I’LL BE THE ONE TO SAY IT. Dating is hard. It’s even worse if you’re a college graduate, because the gender divide makes…

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Spitfire Athlete Creators on Brawn-Over-Beauty App

BRAINS AND BRAWN ARE USUALLY CONSIDERED TO BE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE — especially for women. Spitfire Athlete, an app that provides strength-training programs for women that…

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