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I’m Voting Bernie, but I Support You Voting for Hillary

MONDAY’S 2016 IOWA DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ended in its closest result since the 1970s: Hillary Clinton, 49.9%; Bernie Sanders, 49.6%. Both camps declared it a win,…

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“Virginity Testing” Still Practiced Around the World

IN JANUARY, news broke that South African mayor Dudu Mazibuko has implemented the “Maiden’s Bursary Award,” an educational scholarship given to girls who pass a…

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businesswoman sick

Promotions Linked to Happiness, Illness in Women

WOMEN’S JOB SATISFACTION has become a hot topic in the business world, thanks to a recent study from Fairygodboss. The website for career women revealed…

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cat with telephone

These Girls Figured out a New Way to Fight Catcalling

“HEY SEXY.” The unsolicited greeting — half jeer, half mumble — cuts through the morning air and sends a rivulet of revulsion slithering down your…

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dropping the handkerchief

Can Dropping the Handkerchief Change How We Date?

ELITE DAILY recently published an article about a phenomenon called “dropping the handkerchief” entitled “The Real Reason Girls Like You and J Law Aren’t Getting…

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Female Academics Work Alone If You Want Tenure

Female Academics: Work Alone If You Want Tenure

A NEW STUDY from Harvard economist Heather Sarsons advises female academics to work alone if they are seeking tenure. Data from “Gender Differences in Recognition for…

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the bachelor

8 Stereotypes The Bachelor Shoves Down Our Throats

HAVE YOU TUNED IN TO the latest season of ABC’s The Bachelor? It’s like watching a drunk person eating pizza at 3 a.m. or a…

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chicken breasts

Senator Says Cleavage Distracts Him from Doing Job

KANSAS STATE SENATOR MITCH HOLMES made waves when his dress code for testifiers surfaced online. Republican Holmes wrote his 11-point guide for individuals who testify before…

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As it stands most of us know that if the iconic Barbie doll were real she'd be forced to walk on all fours and would be physically incapable of lifting her over-sized head! Over the years the famous doll from Matel has received a lot of criticism for her unrealistic body type. With this in mind artist and designer 
Nickolay Lamm decided to create “normal Barbie.” Named Lammily this doll has the realistic body proportions of a 19-year-old girl, and can have tattoos, warts, acne, stretchmarks, and other realistic skin flaws.

A sticker pack that comes with the doll allows kids to apply all the sorts of skin imperfections that real people have, teaching kids that they don’t have to aspire to or value the unrealistic body images promoted by Barbie or Ken dolls. And judging by the reactions of the 2nd-graders that Lamm showed his doll to, the message has been received with open arms!

“I'm just trying to create a product which shows that reality is beautiful,” he explains.  “It's not always perfect, but it's all we have, and it's awesome!”

Featuring: Atmosphere
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
When: 20 Nov 2014
Credit: Supplied by WENN.com

Barbie’s Got New Body Types, but Are They Enough?

BARBIE SALES have been plummeting for years, likely because of a more prominent national conversation about body image and a progressive shift toward more gender-neutral…

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elephant woman

Feminist Lessons to Learn From the Animal Kingdom

THE INTERNET — or at least the corners of it I frequent — was abuzz earlier this week about this so-called feminist shark who ate…

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