Matchmaker Talia Goldstein on Business and Love

MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER make me a match… as long as people have been trying to fall in love and find “the one,” there have been matchmakers…

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Hormones Are Our Friends: Interview with Alisa Vitti

ALISA VITTI is a holistic health coach and best-selling author of WomanCode, a food-based program that promotes eating in tune with your hormone cycle as…

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Yes Takesies Backsies: Ansa App Lets You Delete Texts

HOW MANY  times have you sent off, in the heat of the moment, a “strongly-worded” text, only for you to cool down a bit and…

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Today I Made Nothing… and Why That’s Perfectly OK

A PHOTO of the words “TODAY I MADE NOTHING” spelled out on one of those blackboards with white plastic letters that you see outside of older…

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standup and depression

Comedians Have Emotions Too, & They Can Be Dark

IN Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Mason Currey attributes the following to writer W.H Auden: “The Hitlers of the world work at night; no honest…

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woman with pills

Testosterone: Big Pharma’s “Cure” For Womanhood

THE FOUNDER of the women’s health movement, Barbara Seaman, once remarked that, with all the medications that are marketed specifically for women, one might think that…

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tampon run

Tampon Run Reminds Us Menstruation is NORMAL

ANDY GONZALES AND SOPHIE HOUSER are New York City high school students who met through the organization Girls Who Code, whose aim is to “close the…

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jessica kernochan

LALICIOUS Founder Talks the Beauty Business

BEAUTY is business for LALICIOUS founder Jessica Kernochan, and for 12 years she’s been the driving force behind the bath and body line she and her husband…

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NFL domestic violence

Hey There, NFL, Domestic Violence Isn’t a Game

ON JANUARY 1, 1989, a woman in Los Angeles called 911, saying she’d been badly beaten by her husband and was in fear for her…

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Change the Person You Are by Changing Things You Do

IF YOU think you’re perfect, then continue to allow those delusions of self-grandeur work for you. It’s been proven that what scientists call the self-enhancement…

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