A Very Brief History Of The Sexy Halloween Costume

“Sexy corn” is an actual Halloween costume that exists, which makes me very unsure if this is a world I want to live in anymore.…

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woman trapped in ice

Facebook and Apple Offer to Put Motherhood on Ice

IF YOU are a female employee of Apple or Facebook, you can now get your elective egg freezing procedure covered by your boss. What brand…

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Challahback girls

Not Your Mama’s Challah: Modern-Age Comfort Food

NO MATTER WHAT culture or religion you’re familiar with, every one has their own version of comfort food. And for many Jewish people, challah bread …

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Homelessness in LA

When I first moved to San Francisco from the UK, one of the most marked difference I noticed in city life was the sheer volume of…

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Stuck in A Funk: How to Leave Your Adult Rut Behind

HAS IT BEEN so long since you’ve worn something that needs to be dry-cleaned that you can’t remember the last time you wore a sexy…

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Being a Basic

LOOK! It’s a list! Basic b*tches love lists! Or not. Or maybe. Or WHATEVER. I’d venture to say everyone likes what has been popularly defined…

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Fairly Functional: On Sexist Sizing and Pocket Politics

SEXISM: now pocket-sized! Except if you’re a woman, in which case, your pockets probably aren’t big enough, so you’ll have to stuff it in your…

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Gone Girl’s Amy: Feminist Champion or Cruel Killer?

LET’S BE REAL. If you haven’t seen Gone Girl by now, are you ever going to? Not rhetorical; serious question — I’m wondering how much…

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