Sophie Gray: The Self-Love Health and Fitness Guru

Sophie Gray is on a mission to make the words “fitness” and “self-love” mean the same thing.

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Produce Line Says God Loves Ugly, So You Should Too

IT DIDN’T TAKE VERY LONG for people to get accustomed to and expect perfect-looking produce. Any product that comes straight from a traditional farm will…

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Sound Off: Why Didn’t Megyn Kelly Confront Trump?

ADMITTEDLY, we don’t watch much FOX News here at Lady Clever. The kind of race-baiting, fear-mongering, biased “reporting” the network engages in — placing zero…

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Fat Writers: On Privilege, Ableism, and Humanity

IN AN ARTICLE discussing multi-million dollar advances for debut authors, Knopf editor Claudia Herr told Entertainment Weekly that Stephanie Danler “would have [been] paid … the same money” for Sweetbitter, even…

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Report Claims Formal Sex Education on the Decline

LET’S BE HONEST: by the time that most students end up in sex education classes, they’ve already heard it all (if not seen it with…

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Women Need to Push for Pro-Union Legislation

LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT: women voters decide elections. Thrown behind the biggest issues of our day, with ballots to back it up, our voting…

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Women’s Bathrooms: Where Transwomen Belong

NORTH CAROLINA used to be known for its beach towns and… well, honestly,  just its beach towns. Now, it’s also known as a state that’s officially hostile…

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Why Can’t We Handle Naturally Gray Hair on Women?

A NEW STUDY from the Crown Clinic shows that, in the court of public perception, gray hair ages women twice as much as men. Clearly, the…

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