only go on two dates!

How to Get Over the Three Date Hump

PICTURE if you will, a scenario in which you have only been out on a few dates with somebody. There was the “let’s get drinks”…

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So Pasted: Mansplaining, Music, and Marvel

WELCOME to So Pasted,’s weekly roundup of the most fabulous posts from sites that made us have all the feels. Ima Let You Finish: If you’ve…

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Music for When Your Relationship Is Toast

A DEAR FRIEND of mine has just gone through a very rough break-up. She alternates between different levels and forms of devastation, and the ways in…

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In Memoriam: A Moment for Those Lost to Flight 17

  The Luggage at the Crash Site There were sunflowers in a field Just beyond the crash site Where the red white and blue of…

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bethent frenkel

Fit & Fibbin’? Bethenny Frankel’s Image on Instagram

  BETHENNY FRANKEL doesn’t need Jason DeRulo to make her famous on Instagram. The reality-TV veteran can make headlines via the social media site all…

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We’ll Never Sit Still: Study Reveals Electric Shocker

SHOCK ME, shock me, shock me with that deviant, or rather, totally absurd behavior. Because a recent study published in the journal Science found that most…

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fashion icon.

Happy Birthday Prince George, Now Let’s Talk Fashion

SO THE BRITS, my aunt Linda, and other people who might kind of benefit from getting a life, are abuzz with the UK’s newest pint-sized…

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I Don’t Want to Go to Mexico, and Other Woes

THE TICKETS were booked in March, back when the idea of summer—leaves on the trees, sun on your skin, sweat trickling down your sides—seemed altogether impossible.…

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