Researchers Say Laughing Gas Might Cure Depression

There’s new research suggesting that nitrous oxide could help cure depression. This is shocking and amazing, but not too surprising. It’s nicknamed “laughing gas” for…

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The Best and Worst Film Portrayals of Women in 2014

THE FEMINIST BENT of female movie characters (and TV protagonists for that matter) became the subject of passionate debate in 2014. It’s looking like movie…

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Plank Space  cover

“Blank Space” Parody Is Spot-On About Exercise

WHILE WE WOULD LOVE to be the kind of people that exercise to be healthy, for the sake of exercise itself, because we’re addicted to…

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A Nation of Voyeurs: On Serial and Its Super-Fans

IT SEEMS LIKE you can’t go more than five minutes on the Internet without seeing an article, timeline, cell-phone tower map, or conspiracy theory about…

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blood donation bag in the shape of a heart

FDA Considers Lifting US Ban on Gay Blood Donors

WHEN THE AIDS EPIDEMIC broke out in the US during the ’80s and scientists began to understand that the disease — they hadn’t yet discovered…

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Sayana Press: Exporting Birth Control We Won’t Use

SAYANA PRESS. It sounds like a new coffee maker, doesn’t it? Or the latest Victoria’s Secret angel. If the giddy endorsement of Cosmopolitan’s Jill Filipovic…

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2014: The Year Society Checks Its Able-Bodied Privilege

“CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.” It’s the phrase that seems to have been on the tip of everyone’s tongue this year. From the racial and social tensions…

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Rocksbox CEO Meaghan Rose Talks Baubles & Business

MARILYN MONROE  famously sung about diamonds being a girl’s best friend — and she was right, but not all of us can or need to…

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male birth control pill

New Male Birth Control Pill Too Good to Be True?

THE INTERNET apparently has a very short memory. Case in point: approximately every six months, we get a slew of articles proclaiming that “The Male…

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Wedding, Not Jingle: X-Mas Marriage Superstitions

CHRISTMAS isn’t just a time for basking in the glow of a warm fire, exchanging gifts with loved ones and drinking yourself into an eggnog-fueled…

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