hillary clinton

What HRC Didn’t Say about Being Pro-Life & Feminist

DURING HILLARY CLINTON’S April 5th appearance on The View, co-host Candance Cameron Bure asked the Democratic candidate if she believed a person could be both “pro-life” and…

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black and white image of woman sitting down

Did They Just Find a Way to Predict Suicide in Women?

SUICIDE IS THE 10TH LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE UNITED STATES. It  is generally considered a bigger problem with men, since men are 3.5…

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children in daycare

The Candidates on Paid Parental Leave and Child Care

SAN FRANCISCO made headlines in the beginning of April for mandating six weeks of paid leave to new parents at 100% of their salary. The…

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hello my name is doris

Film Review: Hello, My Name is Doris

SALLY FIELD is an amazing actress. She has the range and depth of skill to play both comedic and dramatic roles convincingly — as proven…

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elizabeth warren

Comic Book Review: Female Force: Elizabeth Warren

IT’S HARD TO FIND a politically-conscious U.S. citizen who doesn’t love Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Now you can express your love and admiration for the…

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pin-up girl with vinyl record

Record Store Day: Your Guide to Vinyl’s Big Day

This post originally appeared on Weekly Gravy. FOR ANY SELF-CONFESSED AUDIOPHILE, Record Store Day (RSD) is like Christmas. A day where filtering through stacks and…

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sexual violence hand on beige background 2+

Three Orgs Focusing on Men to End Sexual Violence

APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH, and “Prevention is Possible” is the theme for 2016. The discourse around sexual violence has increasingly emphasized that the…

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15 Lessons We Learned from Season 3 of Broad City

THE THIRD SEASON OF BROAD CITY has come to an end. Everybody’s favorite non-sexual life-partners from New York City sure did go through a lot…

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