Undercover Colors ‘Date Rape’ Polish: Not Nailing It

I HAVE to say, I’m still kind of hoping that this nail polish that detects the presence of drugs in your drink apparently created by a…

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Cease-Fire: Analysis of the Palestine/Israel Conflict

SEVEN WEEKS ago Israel said it was going after Hamas’ ability to fire rockets. On Tuesday night, after an embittered and bloody battle, a cease-fire…

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Louie C.K.: The Feminist behind the Funny Man

LOUIE C.K. is a feminist. I know, I know, everyone thinks he hates women because he talks about having sex with lots of them which, given…

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Reza Aslan: When a Scholar & a Writer Walk Into a Bar

REZA Aslan is a #1 New York Times best selling author, scholar, professor, and host of The Writer’s Room at DBA in Hollywood. How he found time to sit…

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Jonathan Eig on the Sex & Birth Control Revolution

IN OCTOBER a new and surprising book on the beginnings of the birth control pill will be released, right into the middle of the on-going war…

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Searched & Destroyed: Let’s Stop Googling Our Dates

I SHOULD really take my own advice on this one.  The Internet can completely sabotage your life and make you look like a horrible crazy…

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KTHNXBYE: Chinese Theaters Stream Texts on Screen

ON ANY given  day you might check your Facebook Newsfeed and see a “friend” or two lamenting the evils of social media and their desire…

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So Pasted: Body Shaming at the Emmys & the Senate

WELCOME to So Pasted,’s weekly roundup of all the news that’s fit to reprint. Build of Rights: This week, New York state Senator Kirsten Gillibrand shared…

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