girl on tumblr

Hot Guys on the Train & Other Tumblrs To Follow

I’VE HAD a Tumblr account for almost five years. In that time, I’ve met new real-life friends, connected with interesting people through messages and reblogs, gotten a peek…

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Why I Don’t Care About Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuits

What follows is a cautionary tale of what can happen when Republican bros use the Internet. In a ranty blog post for the NH Insider…

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Miranda Priestly

Do Women Prefer Male Bosses Over Female Ones?

THE WORKPLACE is nowhere near being an even playing field for men and women, and you have to wonder what that would even look like…

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love triangle

Ask Him: When Should I Decide to Go Exclusive?

Q: So, for a little while now I have been seeing more than one guy at the same time. I like things about both (okay,…

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Monica Lewinsky meets with President Clinton

What If Monica Lewinsky Happened Now, Not Then?

MONICA LEWINSKY joined Twitter last week, though she’s kept pretty mum so far with only four tweets posted to her account, one of them being…

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Hey, Fitness Folks: Please Just Chill the Fit Out, OK?

THIS WEEK IN trending bodies, skinny is out, and muscle is in. Anyone who has that one friend on Facebook that you went to high…

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Nicole Disson: Leading the Los Angeles Art Scene

NICOLE DISSON takes the term “multihyphenate” to the extreme: she’s a performer-producer-curator-director-actor-dancer-singer who works cross-discipline in film, theatre and music, subverting and cross-pollinating along the…

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girl scared at night

Bump in the Night: Americans’ Most Surprising Fear

IF YOU WERE TO ASK the media what we, as a nation, are most afraid of at the moment, you would think that the answer…

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The Best Things in Life Are Free, so Work Shouldn’t Be

WE ALL KNOW that saying: “Hard work pays off.” I’m not sure if someone conveniently added the word “off” at what should have been “Hard…

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OD’ed: Is Birth Control Poisoning Our Environment?

DID YOU KNOW that there are some side effects to your birth control pill that fail to make it onto the insert? The drug companies…

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