miss congeniality

Bravo’s Game of Crowns: Down with the Beauty Queen

IT’S ALWAYS cute, not to mention hilarious, to see a five-year-old tottering around in her mother’s heels and smearing lipstick all over her face. It…

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Don’t Love My Writing If You Won’t Love Me

SEVEN years ago I wrote a piece about the six degrees of separation between myself and Vice President Joe Biden, wherein I described an evening at…

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Moving Is Hell and Other Non-Revelations

I HAVE come to the realization that using the word “hell” in relation to “Los Angeles” is thematic in most of my writing as of late.…

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Girls Can Be Jedi, Too: A Star Wars of the Future

THE MOST controversial item to come out of Tumblr this week is blogger centrumlumina’s “census” of Archive of Our Own (also known as AO3), a popular…

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59 Reactions to the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer

There’s some piano, indicating that serious stuff is ahead. And a mousy girl from the newspaper. Who is wearing your great aunt Margaret’s shirt. Except…

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So Dark the Con of Man: Is Romance Real or Rotten?

AH, ROMANCE. That nebulous feeling fed by candle-lit dinners, flowers, chocolate, quirky surprises and a sense of playful spontaneity that appears fresh and inventive, yet…

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My Atlas: Discovering the Real Female Traveler

Introducing L.A.DY Clever, our guide to events and news going on in Los Angeles that are of interest to women. Because a clever lady should…

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old school coke

Share the Love, Don’t Share a Coke

I STOPPED drinking soda for good after high school. Which wasn’t too hard, since I never drank it much then, either. Syrupy, sugary-sweet cola of…

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