Hey Fellas: Five Ways Your Words Might Be Harmful

I. You’re never fully dressed without a forced smile. So you know not to shout “Nice ass!” from the window of your Honda at female…

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Mother Earth: Population Control Isn’t the Solution

DO YOU factor in the future of the planet when you’re planning your family? When you weigh up whether you want one child or four,…

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Fight the Power: A Defense of Sweats & Dressing Down

THE TRADITIONAL UNIFORM of elementary school gym teachers or anyone going through a breakup, sweatpants send a clear message: I don’t give a f**k about…

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Founders of Zady on Process, Quality and Honesty

ONE-CLICK ORDERING has made it so easy to shop online that, most of the time, we go through the motions without even thinking about what…

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Hair Down There: When Enough Is Just Isn’t Enough

THE BODY HAIR mania continues. By now, you’ve probably heard about eyebrow transplants — that strange, fairly invasive, quite expensive (yet admittedly pretty effective) way…

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Group of people wearing shirt with this is what a feminist looks like logo

In Fashion: Why Feminist T-Shirts Don’t Change Things

THE SAD TRUTH for people who like feminism, and T-shirts, and are wont to have a tiny, feminist-t-shirty orgasm when these two things combine: feminist…

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Gossip Girl Thanksgiving

Four People You Might Deal With This Thanksgiving

CHANCES ARE, your Thanksgiving plans tonight include having dinner with your family (if you’re lucky enough to be having a Friendsgiving celebration instead, please let…

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Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda in Monster in Law

Ask Him: Meeting My BF’s Mom For The First Time

Q: “This is the first year I’m going to be visiting my boyfriend’s family for Thanksgiving. It’s also the first time I’m going to be…

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woman eating peach

Trigger-Happy: Reactions to Sweet Peach Too Swift?

A FEW DAYS AGO, when I first stumbled across the outrage surrounding the announcement of “Sweet Peach,” my first response was grounded in genuine confusion.…

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Bosom Buddy: Doctor Developing “Vacation Breasts”

WE ALL HAVE that mental checklist we go through right before we leave or a vacation. Passport and tickets? Check. That specially-bought outfit for a…

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