Reham Fagiri: From Goldman Sachs to Start-up CEO

REHAM FAGIRI does not have a typical start-up story. Her journey started when, at 16, she left her family in Sudan to attend university in…

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Groove: How Well Do You Think You Know Your Body?

JENNIFER ALDORETTA, a trained engineer, created the Groove app when she realized that that she could combine her experience with side effects on the Pill with her…

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Vibrator with Camera Lets You Take Sexier(?) Selfies

YOUR SELFIE GAME  just got raised to a whole new level. If you’ve been disappointed with your ability to capture the perfect snap of your…

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La Bulla: L.A. Celebrates Lucha Libre, Art, and Culture

WITH OVER TEN YEARS in the making, La Bulla is one of the largest multicultural Lucha Libre art exhibits that Los Angeles has to offer.…

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Doped: Are Women Masking True Emotions With Drugs?

MOODY BITCHES, a groundbreaking book by psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland that calls for society to reconsider how it views female “moodiness,” has whipped up controversy in…

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Sleeping More Leads to Better Sex… and More of It

NOW HERE’S A GREAT REASON to feel good about sleeping in on the weekends. We’ve all heard that getting in some extra Zzzzz’s is good for everything from…

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Meet Bree Miller: LA’s Very Own Baker on the Rise

BREE MILLER is the baker you knead to know. As the 25-year-old owner, proprietor, and head baker of Bree’s Cakes, Ms. Miller has become the…

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First Female Prez: On Being (Mostly) Ready for Hillary

IN POSSIBLY THE LEAST SURPRISING NEWS OF THE WEEK — aside from Justin Bieber getting himself kicked out of Coachella — our homegirl Hillary announced…

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