I Think My Therapist Is My Best Friend Right Now

I STARTED SEEING my current therapist about a year ago. Talking about my “therapist” makes me feel like kind of an asshole because half of…

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Ask Him: How Do I Drunk-Text Well?

Q: I am kind of a big drunk texter. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but other times it really works out in my favor.…

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drunk wine

No Way, Rosé: Study Claims Wine BETTER Than Exercise

RIGHT ALONG WITH the certainty of death and taxes, there seems to be the constant need for people to find a valid reason to avoid…

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woman healer

What Modern Birth Control Has Taken from Women

WHEN NEWS HIT the Internet of the Columbian woman found with a potato growing inside of her vagina as the result of an attempt to…

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Mainstream LGBTQ Characters: Is Queer Finally Cool?

Like feminism and butts, queerness is now trending. Or at least, on TV it is. With queer characters popping up seemingly everywhere this fall, it…

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Woman Looking In Microscope

Science and Feminism: Why Each One Needs the Other

WE TEND TO think of science as unbiased, objective, without political slant. However, science, like anything else – think education, health care, law – does…

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