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Five Things I (Still) Wish I’d Known About Sex

by Katie Lewin

1.I HAD RECENTLY COME OF THAT AGE where spun-sugar pop beats and the Disney Channel, with its suspiciously-gorgeous supposed “dorks,” suggested boys would start to notice me. But my school was Catholic, my mother was sheltering, and my smile was… read on>

Headstrong Remembers Forgotten Women Scientists

by Holly Grigg-Spall ‎

HEADSTRONG: 52 WOMEN WHO CHANGED SCIENCE AND THE WORLD is a collection of lively short histories, by author Rachel Swaby, on the work of past pioneering women in the sciences who have since found themselves sidelined by mainstream history…. read on>

A Moment of Body Positivity during Shahs of Sunset

by Dariush Azimi

I’VE ALREADY TALKED about how problematic reality network Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset can be, with its one-dimensional representation of the Los Angeles Iranian-American community as one that’s obsessed with… read on>

What If You Told People When You Were on Your Period?

by Holly Grigg-Spall ‎

IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS, periods have gone public. Menstruation activism has been pushed up to the top of the feminist agenda, with women in the US rallying around the Robin… read on>

Calling In: Activism with Compassion and Boundaries

by Amée LaTour

“ONLY WHERE things can be seen by many in a variety of aspects without changing their identity, so that those who are gathered around them know they see sameness in utter diversity, can worldly reality truly and… read on>

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