Noom: The Modern Age Diet Program, Here’s Why It’s Our Favorite Wellness App

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More brands are launching app based diet programs, and they are growing in popularity. I wanted to find out if these were legitimate though, or if this was just a trend missing the point of a real weight-loss program. I also needed an excuse to go on a diet – so after doing some research, I narrowed down a few apps and decided to give some a try.

The one that stuck with me is Noom – I started last year and still use the app today. Not only was it rewarding but my quality of life improved all around, if you have been on the fence about committing to a diet program go and try the Noom Free Trial right now. That way you won’t talk yourself out of it.

Noom is my top pick because they take a customized approach when putting together your diet plan and program regimen. What works for one person might not work for you, and Noom tailors programs to fit your goals through their algorithms and expertise – it really is a new age diet. In the beginning you take an assessment and are analyzed, then assigned a virtual nutritionist as a “coach” for guidance throughout your program.

We are not the only ones taking notice. Noom is backed up by athletes such as Serena Williams and received high praise from researchers at The University of Sydney, calling it the number one weight loss app in terms of quality and accuracy. The program currently has over 50 million users and counting.

If you are ready to start your diet plan and improve your life, I cannot recommend Noom enough. Sign up for the free trial today and at least give it a try, it’s how I got started and was the best decision I made all year.