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Indiana Lawmaker Proposes Total Abortion Ban

In the wake of Donald’s Trump successful bid for the United States presidency, the President-elect has confirmed many of his opponents’ worst fears as he begins to share his top picks for his Cabinet and other important positions.

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Clinton Lost — But the Fight Isn’t Over Yet

The nation is still reeling from the results of last night’s elections. Some of its citizens are weeping tears of frustration and sadness, while others are celebrating like they haven’t celebrated in years. You can probably guess which camp Lady Clever falls into.

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Season 2 of Jessica Jones Will be Directed by Women

Melissa Rosenberg, executive producer of Netflix Original Series Jessica Jones, has revealed that season 2 of the critically-acclaimed show would be directed exclusively by women directors. While the production team had already made a commitment to hiring women directors for the season, they decided to double down on that commitment and go the full nine yards, Rosenberg told attendees at the Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment conference held in Los Angeles last Friday.

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